How to operate front and rear wipers on BMW X3

The wipers on your BMW X3 can be controlled by the right steering wheel stalk.

Right steering wheel stalk controls all functions of windshield and back window wipers – (photo by BMW)

Normal speed wiping

To activate the wipers at normal speed, press up on the stalk once. To switch off normal wipe, press down on the stalk once.

High speed wiping

To activate high-speed wiping, either press up on the stalk twice, or press past the point of resistance once. From high-speed, tapping down once will return the wipers to normal speed, while tapping down again will deactivate the wipers.

Single wipe

With the wipers off, you can press down on the stalk for a single wipe.

Rain sensing wiping

To activate the rain sensing feature, press the AUTO button on the end of the stalk. An LED light will illuminate. When activated, adjusting the thumbwheel up makes it more sensitive to rain, while adjusting the thumbwheel down makes it less sensitive.

Caution: Be sure to turn off the rain sensing feature when entering a car wash to avoid damage to the wipers.

Operating rear wiper

The rear wiper can be controlled by turning the end of the stalk clockwise. To activate the rear wiper in intermittent mode, turn forward once. To clean the rear window from this position, turn forward once further. The switch returns to the intermittent position when released. You can also clean the rear window when the rear wiper is not on by turning the switch backwards. The switch returns to the rest position. Engaging the reverse gear activates continuous operation.

Author: Nabeel K

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