How to operate power liftgate on Toyota RAV4

The adjustable rear power liftgate can be opened and closed using either a switch on the instrument panel, the smart key or a switch on the door itself.

Toyota RAV4 fourth generation (XA40; 2013-2018) – (photo by Toyota)

The power door off switch in the glove box must be in the operate position for the liftgate to be operated in power mode.

Instrument Display Method

  1. To open the liftgate using the switch on the instrument panel, press and hold it until you hear a tone and the liftgate opens.
  2. To stop it, press again.
  3. And to close it, press and hold.

Smart Key Method

  1. When using a smart key, press and hold the rear liftgate button to open.
  2. You’ll hear a tone and the door will open.
  3. If you want to stop the door, simply press the button again.
  4. Press and hold it again to close.

Open from Outside

  1. To open the liftgate using the exterior release located below the Toyota logo and above the license plate, press the rectangular release button once.
  2. You’ll hear a beep and the liftgate will open.
  3. Press the release again for it to stop.
  4. To close the liftgate, press the button on the lower edge.
  5. To stop it, press the button again.
  6. If the liftgate is open and you start to lower it manually, the door will close automatically.
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