How to operate Moon Roof on Toyota Avalon

The controls for your moon roof on your Toyota Avalon are located in the overhead console.

Toyota Avalon fourth generation (XX40; 2012–2018) – (photo by Toyota)

It also includes a sunshade that be opened and closed manually. It’ll open automatically when the moon roof is opened.

  1. To open the moon roof, press and hold the button for about a second.
  2. It’ll open to a position for reduced wind noise.
  3. Press it again and it’ll open to its fully opened position.
  4. To close the moon roof, press and hold the close switch for about a second to fully close it.
  5. o open the moon roof part way when it’s opening or closing, tap either the open or close button to stop it at your preferred position.
  6. The up/down switch let’s you tilt the moon roof up or down.
  7. Simply press and hold the switch to open or close it all the way.
  8. Tapping the up or down switch will tilt up or down in smaller increments.
  9. If something gets in the way of the moon roof closing, or tilting down, the Jam Protection function stops the closing and opens the moon roof slightly.
  10. If the moon roof is left opened when the vehicle is turned off and the drivers door is opened, a message will appear in the Instrument Panel, (beeps) and a chime will sound.
  11. After turning the vehicle off you can operate the moon roof for approximately 45 seconds prior to opening one of the front doors.
Author: Nabeel K