How to operate Auto Climate Control on Toyota Venza

The Automatic Climate Control system has been designed to make it easy to use and all adjustments are shown on the multi-information display above the center console.

Toyota Venza, 1st gen – (photo by Toyota)

This guide is for first generation of Venza code named AV10 built between 2008 and 2019.

  1. To set a single temperature for the vehicle, first turn the ignition on, then press the driver’s TEMP or temperature knob.
  2. The climate control system will activate and automatically adjust the fan speed, vent selection and air source, outside or recirculate to help reach and maintain the temperature currently set.
  3. You can raise or lower the temperature by turning the same knob.
  4. To set a different temperature for the front seat passenger, press the PASS TEMP or passenger’s temperature knob and adjust that temperature.
  5. To return to one temperature for the vehicle, press the PASS TEMP button again.
  6. The other climate control system buttons allow you to raise or lower the fan speed manually, change the mode or combination of vents being used, defrost the windshield, defrost the rear window and heated side mirrors, switch between outside and recirculated air, and turn the air conditioning compressor off should you prefer ambient air for cooling.
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