How to operate climate control on BMW 3-Series

Your BMW’s dual zone automatic climate control allows you to adjust cabin climate independently for both the driver and passenger.

BMW 3-Series, Sixth generation (F30/F31/F34; 2011–2019) – (photo by BMW)

On BMW 3-series sedan, the climate controls are located just below the audio controls on the center console.

Auto climate control

To automatically regulate interior temperature, just press the AUTO button and then the driver and passenger sides can be individually controlled via their own temperature dials.

To adjust the intensity of the auto program, press the left or right side of the button with small and large fan symbols printed it, located between the temperature dials. You will see the selected intensity shown on the climate control display.

Climate control button functions on BMW 3 Series sixth generation (F30/F31/F34; 2011–2019)

Manual climate control

Activating manual climate control

To manually adjust the climate, press the button with vent symbol printed to select a vent setting. Under manual control the button with fan symbols will then increase or decrease air volume.

Turn on maximum cooling

Maximum cooling can be activated by pressing the MAX button on right temperature dial, which sets the system to the lowest temperature, maximum air flow and recirculated air mode.

Cool dehumidified air

The snowflake button to the most right will cool and dehumidify the air entering the cabin. This function is automatically switched on when selecting the AUTO program.

Air circulation

Air circulation can be adjusted with the button with a car and ‘A’ symbol printed on it. With the LED off, air is flowing in continuously from the outside. Press it once and the left LED will illuminate indicating automatic recirculated air control. Press it again and the right LED will illuminate, indicating constant recirculated air mode.

Windshield Defroster

The windshield defroster can be controlled by pressing the button with wavy upward arrows on trapezoid symbol.

Rear Defroster

The rear defroster can be engaged by pressing the button with wavy upward arrows on a rectangle symbol printed on it.

Seat heating

If the vehicle is equipped with seat heaters, they can be controlled by pressing the buttons at both ends of climate control on dash.

Turn off climate control

To completely turn off the climate control system, press the fan speed button to the left until you pass the minimum setting. To turn the system back on press any button.

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