Polishing car headlights – tips and tricks

Polishing the car headlights is not an everyday job – this can lead to sensitive errors. In this article we show what you should pay attention to.

Polishing car headlights – helpful tips

If the headlights are roughly scratched or dull, many hobbyists use polish, sandpaper and a polishing machine. But mostly this causes greater damage and the effort was in vain. When polishing, you need to consider these simple steps.

The car headlights vary from model to model. You can only polish headlights with a smooth surface.

The headlights are sealed with a protective layer during manufacture. The layer protects the headlights from scratches and maintains the clarity of the windows. If you destroy the layer, sooner or later an expensive replacement will be necessary.

Really remove only slight scratches or matt areas – you should go to a workshop for major damage. Your headlights will be repaired in a few easy steps and you will avoid consequential damage.

If you still want to polish yourself, remove the headlight beforehand. In this way you protect the paint of your vehicle from damage.

Polish with a polishing machine – you will achieve good and quick results. You can also polish the headlights with muscle strength and manual labor, but this will take some time longer. After you have polished the headlights, you should treat them with a plastic seal.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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