How to refill windshield washer fluid – tips and tricks

Refilling windshield washer fluid is one of the things in the car that really everyone can do without any problems. Here you can definitely save yourself the trip to the workshop and thus cash, because even small “services” add up quickly.

(photo by Toyota)

Buy windshield washer fluid or make it yourself

To fill up the windshield wiper system, you do not have to know anything about cars, and yet the process is completed within a few minutes. First of all you need the windshield washer fluid: You get ready windshield washer fluid for the summer as well as windshield washer fluid with frost protection for the winter.

Windshield washer fluid concentrate

Alternatively, simply mix your windshield washer fluid yourself using a windshield washer fluid concentrate. To do this, pour the concentrate into distilled water according to the instructions. The ratio of windscreen washer fluid concentrate to distilled water is usually 1:4.

Making your own washer fluid

If your windshield washer fluid reservoir is surprisingly empty, you can, of course, help yourself with a mixture of your own when you don’t have anything else at hand. To do this, pour alcohol into distilled water in a ratio of 1:2. In winter, of course, you have to add antifreeze. If you are out and about in summer, you can use the simplest option and use simple tap water.

Refill the windscreen wiper system

Filling the windshield washer fluid into the appropriate water tank is a breeze. All you need is a small, clean funnel and the windshield washer fluid. If you don’t have the funnel, you can just pour it directly from the bottle, but expect a few splashes if you’re not ultra careful while pouring.

First, open the hood of your car. You can recognize the windshield washer fluid tank relatively easily by the fact that it mostly consists of clear plastic.

Windshield washer fluid reservoir cap – (Ford F-150 shown)

The cap of the water container is usually blue or gray and has a symbol. The symbol is usually a windshield wiper or a small water fountain.

Toyota RAV4’s washer fluid reservoir cap location

Then just insert the funnel into the opening of the windscreen wiper system and carefully pour the liquid, or just pour it directly if you don’t have the funnel.

The filler opening has a corresponding mark on which you can see when you have filled enough liquid. If the marking is no longer recognizable, simply send a finger into the windscreen wiper system, as long as you do not touch the windscreen wiper water, you can continue to refill.

Finally, don’t forget to close the windscreen wiper tank well again.


Author: Nabeel K

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