How to attach navigation system correctly in the car – tips and information

A navigation system is extremely helpful if you install it correctly in the car. In some countries you may also be fined if you have incorrectly attached the navigation system in your car. If you cause an accident due to an improperly installed navigation system, you can also expect considerable trouble. Below you will find out what you need to consider when installing a navigation device in the car.

When looking for a suitable place for the navigation system, you have to make sure that there is no so-called blind spot. These visual impairments can occur very quickly if you attach the navigation system to the windshield.

If you want to attach the navigation system to the windshield, the lower left corner is recommended. It is optimal if you attach the suction cup so deep that the navigation system rests on the dashboard at the bottom. So there is no blind spot and the navigation system is additionally supported by the dashboard. However, your passenger cannot then look at the navigation system or operate it.

Under no circumstances should you mount your navigation system under the rear-view mirror: This creates a blind spot and thus increases the risk of accidents. In Switzerland, you can expect a fine if you are checked by the police and in Germany you could also face significant problems in the event of an insurance claim.

The dashboard, on the other hand, is a better place, especially since the passenger there also has free access to the navigation device. You can attach the Navi holder, for example, with self-adhesive fastening discs

A good alternative to gluing are fastening systems that you can easily slide into the ventilation slot or CD slot of the car. Regardless of which variant you choose, the navigation system must always be so securely attached that it remains firmly in place in the event of an impact or hard braking.

Tip: If you are looking for a suitable location for the navigation system, you should also keep an eye on the airbags in your car. Attach the navigation system so that no airbag collides with the navigation system in the event of an accident, making it a projectile.

Author: Nabeel K

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