Cleaning the interior of the car – the best tips and tricks

Even if it sounds simple, cleaning your car from the inside should be planned. With our tips, you first remove the coarse dirt and then prevent new dirt. We therefore show you the best tricks for a clean car interior.

Vacuum the car before cleaning the inside

First of all, the coarsest dirt and grime has to get out of the car. This is best done with a vacuum cleaner.

With many vacuum cleaners, you can cut off the long piece behind the suction attachment and thus shorten the vacuum cleaner. This is particularly practical in the car and provides more freedom of movement.

Remember to remove all floor mats, knock them off properly and vacuum them if necessary. Then vacuum the floor under the floor mats, you can’t see how much dirt is accumulating here.

Now you vacuum the rest of the car, i.e. fittings, drawers, storage spaces, controls and also air conditioning.

Clean the inside of the car with a rag

After the coarse dirt has been sucked away, you can remove small or hard dirt with a damp cloth and solvent.

You can dampen the interior beforehand with sprays or special damp cloths.

After the agents have acted, you should then grab a cloth (ideally made of microfibers, which is gentle on all materials) and clean the inside of the car in circular movements.

Use a dust brush to make sure that every particle of dirt has been eliminated.

Don’t forget to clean the upholstery

The upholstery also needs to be cleaned, after all, it is mostly used several times a day. Dirt is mainly created when eating food, but also from outside dirt.

It is often forgotten when cleaning the inside of the car that the upholstery also absorbs a lot of dirt. Especially in summer, the upholstery absorbs odors and sweat.

Even if you like to drive your food home, you should remember that upholstery absorbs vapors and generally becomes musty quickly. This is where upholstery cleaner helps, which you have to take in well and then carefully scrub off.

Also clean the car glass from the inside

Clean the windows from the outside at the gas station and everything is fine – actually not. Because many do not even think that the pane should also be dirty on the inside and cleaned regularly.

This is not only important for a safe journey and a crystal clear view, but is also part of cleaning the interior of your car. You can use commercially available glass cleaner for this, by spraying the pane and then wiping it dry with a soft cloth.

Make sure that you wipe the window completely dry – otherwise streaks will form.
In addition, no liquid should get into the windshield ventilation.

Author: Nabeel K


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