Tinting car windows yourself – tips and precautions

Tinted car windows reduce solar radiation and lower the temperature in the car, but tinting car windows yourself requires a lot of concentration. You can find out what is important when car windows are tinted in this article.

You have to pay attention to this when tinting your car windows


There are different colors and special features. The film must be UV-coated and should be heat-insulating. In addition to the color, you also have to choose the translucency. If you want as little light as possible in the interior, you need a film with about 80 percent darkening, for more light the percentage must be lower.


Your car must be very clean both inside and out. If possible, dirt and dust should no longer be in the car. The windows in particular have to be cleaned very thoroughly . Any remaining dirt and dust will significantly worsen your result.


You need an absolutely clean room. Do not tint your windows in the open air in wind and sunshine. A garage is the ideal place for the hobby craftsmen, but here too it is primarily about cleanliness. Before you start working, clean the garage and keep dust and dirt away from the windows.


Since you need various aids for work, you should pay attention to a complete set when buying. You can get the sets from any specialist dealer and in some hardware stores. By buying the set you don’t have to worry about the material you need.


The most important aspect to consider is the duration of the hardening. Depending on the manufacturer, the period can be up to four weeks. In order not to ruin the result during this time, you must not clean the panes. With children traveling with you, you should make sure that your hands do not touch the windows if possible.

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