Removing snow from the roof of your car – tips and precautions

Snow on the roof should be removed in good time, since you, as the house owner, are responsible for the damage caused by snow falling from your roof. In addition, the weight of the snow can quickly cause your roof to collapse. This tip shows you how to properly remove snow from the roof and what you should consider.

It is best to check the weather forecast regularly. So you are informed in advance and can decide accordingly whether the snow has to come off the roof or the problem will be solved by itself shortly.

If it is necessary to clear the roof, you should take various safety measures before you start to clear the snow. In the first place, this includes appropriate footwear with a stable, non-slip sole.

Furthermore, you should not go to the roof alone. Secure yourself with a rope that you fasten well and have a second person guide you.

If you have skylights, make sure that they are well lit in advance. In addition, you should try to clear most of the snow from the inside.

Both a shovel and a rubber broom are suitable for removing the snow from the roof.
If you have solar modules on the roof, you should not process them with the snow shovel. In this case, carefully remove the snow with a rubber broom.

Make sure that you always distribute the snow load on the roof as evenly as possible during clearing.

Tip: If your house is located directly on the street, you can attach snow stops or snow guards to the roof on the street side.

Author: Nabeel K


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