How to use Downhill Assist Control on Toyota RAV4

The available DAC, or Downhill Assist Control, is a semi-automated system that helps the driver maintain a slow speed of about three miles per hour when descending particularly steep hills.

Toyota RAV4, third generation XA30; 2005 to 2012 – (photo by Toyota)

The hill descent control is an assistance system that regulates the speed when descending mountains on loose or snowy ground. It keeps the vehicle at a constant speed when the route is descending. This is done with the help of brake intervention and engine drag torque.

  1. To activate the system, put the transmission in L, or low gear, slow to less than 15 miles per hour, if you’re already moving.
  2. Press the DAC button and keep your feet off the accelerator and brake. The downhill assist icon will appear in the instrument display, the brake lights will come on, and the vehicle slip icon may flash, indicating the system is functioning.
  3. If the driver touches the accelerator or the brake, the DAC will turn off.
  4. To turn downhill assist control off, simply press the DAC button and the system will gradually deactivate, providing a smooth transition to total driver control. As it does, the DAC icon will blink and then eventually go out.
Author: Nabeel K

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