How to use Cruise Control on 2016 Toyota Camry

Cruise control on your Toyota is controlled by a small dock on your steering wheel and includes indicators in the multi-information display or MID that tell you when the system is on, and what speed is set.

2016 Toyota Camry

You can use cruise control to help you drive at a set speed above 25 miles per hour without pressing on the accelerator pedal.

  1. To activate the system, press the on/off button on the end of the stock.
  2. The cruise control icon will appear in the instrument display.
  3. Then, accelerate or decelerate to your intended speed, and press the stock down to set the speed.
  4. If you need to increase your set speed, push the stock up and release it for a one-mile-per-hour increment.
  5. Holding the stock up will accelerate continuously to a desired speed.
  6. Release the stock and the speed will set.
  7. To reduce the set speed, push down for a one-mile-per-hour decrease. Holding the stock down will decelerate continuously. Release the stock at your desired speed and the speed will set.
  8. If you wish to cancel cruise control you can either, pull the stock towards you, or tap the breaks.
  9. To resume to your previously set speed, push the stock up when driving above 25 miles per hour.
  10. To turn the system off, press the on/off button.
Author: Nabeel K

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