How to use Toyota 4Runner multi-terrain select control

The 4Runner Trail Grade multi-terrain select control system is made for serious, hardcore off-roading.

Toyota 4Runner fifth generation N280 – (photo by Toyota)

This system features four driver selectable modes that regulate wheel spin to provide the maximum amount of traction for during off-road situations. Based on your selected setting, the multi-terrain select control system automatically adjusts the optimal engine throttle setting and active traction control braking pressure to provide the best traction.

Four Modes

There are four modes that you can select, depending on your terrain conditions:

  • Mud, Sand, Dirt
  • Loose Rock
  • Mogul
  • Rock

The selection appears on the dashboard accessory meter. The mud and sand mode operates when the transmission case shift lever is in either H4 or L4 range. Loose rock, mogul, and rock mode are used when the shift lever is in L4 range only.

How to enable

  1. With the 4Runner stopped, shift the transmission into neutral gear and move the transfer case shift lever to the L4 position.
  2. Press the ON/OFF button on the multi-terrain selector knob, then turn the dial until rock mode is selected. That engages the system.
  3. As the terrain changes, you can use the various multi-terrain select modes while moving at speeds seven miles per hour or less by turning the dial to change or dictate a different mode.
  4. When the multi-terrain select control system is active and when A-TRAC operates, the slip indicator will blink.

Note: Multi-terrain select will not operate if crawl control has been activated.

How to disable

  1. To cancel the operation, push the ON/OFF switch, and the multi-terrain select control will deactivate.
  2. The display in the center of the instrument panel will show “multi-terrain select control has been canceled”.
  3. Multi-terrain select will automatically cancel if the 4Runner’s speed exceeds seven miles per hour.
Author: Nabeel K

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