How to send navigation routes to Hyundai from your smart phone

Everyone loves to explore and try new places, but no guy likes to ask for directions. No problem. With Blue Link Destination Search powered by Google, we make finding new spots a breeze.

You can send navigation routes to your Hyundai easily with Blue Link app – (photo by Hyundai)

Let’s say you’re in the mood for sushi and want to find the best spicy tuna roll in town. Use the Blue Link mobile app to quickly locate some nearby options.

With the touch of a button, you can send your destination directly to your Hyundai. As soon as you hop in your car, the location and directions are waiting for you and ready to go when you are.

Select your destination on the map on your Blue Link app and touch Send – (photo by Hyundai USA)

When you’re en-route, if you need an afternoon pick-me-up and are looking for a quick cup of coffee, Blue Link has you covered there, too. Press the navigation services button on the rear-view mirror and use your voice to start your search. The results are powered by Google so you know that you’re getting accurate and up to date information.

Whether you’re scoping out hotspots in a new city or simply exploring your own backyard, Blue Link destination search powered by Google is there when you need it. Blue Link, navigate, connect, and discover with the push of a button.

Author: Nabeel K


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