How to use navigation on Hyundai Tucson

For models equipped with our in-car navigation systems, here’s a brief overview to get you familiar with the system and its features.

Navigation menu on Hyundai Tucson, 3rd generation – (photo by Hyundai)

From the home screen, press the MAP or the NAV hard key to enter the navigation portion of the multimedia system.

On the map screen, use the Place or Address button to search for an address or a point of interest, POI. Tap the compass icon to change the map view. Tap the + (plus) or (minus) icons to zoom in or out. The quick menu icon provides additional destination selection options.

While on an active route, the cancel icon appears at the bottom of the map screen. Tap the Cancel Route icon to end the active route. Use the address button to manually enter an address. The previous destinations button quickly recalls recent entries.

The local search button uses an off-board database to locate the desired point of interest. The POI, or point of interest button, helps you find places using common points of interest categories.

Author: Nabeel K


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Terry Snell
Terry Snell
11 months ago

Really is a shame they took away the pause route and resume route feature. Probably the most useful feature on the worst navigation app I have ever used. In addition, when a route is selected, it now suddenly changes the route and takes you a different way for no reason.