How to do wireless phone charging on Hyundai Nexo

If you want to reduce the number of cables in your life, wireless charging is ideal for you, and its available on the Nexo for Qi enabled mobile phones.

Wireless charging pad on Hyundai Nexo – (photo by Hyundai)

You can check with the manufacturer of your phone to see if its Qi enabled. The wireless charging pad is located underneath the center console.

To charge your phone, first clear all other items from the pad, and place your phone at its center, screen side up. Make sure to remove cover from your phone, if any.

Charging will only take place when all of the Nexo’s doors are closed, and the vehicle is turned on.

When the phone is charging, the pad indicator’s light will turn orange. When the charging is 100% complete, the light will turn green. Then you can remove your phone, or wait to pick it up when you leave the vehicle.

Author: Nabeel K

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