How to use Smart Liftgate on Hyundai Tucson

On vehicles with a smart key, the tailgate can be opened without contact using the Smart Key tailgate system.

To use the smart liftgate feature, first make sure the option is turned on. Go to Settings on the cluster display and then select Door and then make sure the Smart Liftgate checkbox is checked.

With the feature enabled, if you approach the liftgate of your car with the proximity key with you, your car will flash its tail lights and make three beeps. If you stay put, your liftgate will automatically pop open. If you do not wish to open the liftgate, you can simply step out of the way. Using the Door settings, you can turn the Smart Trunk option on or off depending on your preference.

User Settings > Door > Smart Liftgate

The Smart Key tailgate will not work under the following conditions:

  • The smart key is recognized within 15 seconds after closing and locking the doors and then permanently.
  • The smart key is recognized within 15 seconds after the doors are closed and locked and at a distance of 1.50 meters from the front door handles.
  • A door is not locked or closed.
  • The smart key is in the vehicle.


  • Make sure to close the tailgate before starting your journey.
  • Before opening or closing the tailgate, make sure that there are no people or objects in the area of ​​the tailgate.
  • Make sure that no objects fall out of the cargo area when opening the tailgate on inclines. Otherwise there is a risk of serious injury.
  • Make sure to deactivate the Smartkey tailgate function while washing the vehicle. Otherwise the tailgate may accidentally open.
  • Keep smart key away from children. Children could accidentally open the Smart Key tailgate while playing behind the vehicle.
Author: Nabeel K

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