How to use Apple CarPlay on Hyundai Tucson

In order to use Apple CarPlay features, you must first connect your iPhone to the front in-dash USB port. Apple CarPlay will not work via Bluetooth.

Hyundai Tucson 3rd generation – (photo by Hyundai)

Once connected, the Apple CarPlay icon will appear on the home screen. Press the icon to launch it.

Note that when connecting your phone to use Apple CarPlay for the first time, that a prompt will appear on your phone. Select Allow on your phone to allow Apple CarPlay access while your phone is locked.

The home screen of Apple CarPlay will consist of apps in which you can use Siri or the touch screen to launch. The Apple Music icon will grant you access to the Apple Music screen. Apple Maps will give you access to Navigation.

Using Siri

Use Siri to perform actions like sending messages, placing calls, looking up, setting up P.O.I, Destinations, etc. To initiate Siri, your iPhone must be connected. Siri will not operate via Bluetooth. Siri is accessible by touching and holding the home icon on the CarPlay screen or pressing the steering wheel voice recognition button. Siri understands commands like “Text John Smith” and “Call John Smith.”

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