How to use Auto Hold on Hyundai Tucson

Your Hyundai Tucson is equipped with a feature called the auto-hold function that prevents a stationary car from rolling away unintentionally by storing the last brake pressure and activating it if necessary.

The Auto-Hold function simply explained

While the parking brake, as the name suggests, is intended for parking the vehicle, the Auto-Hold function is used for driving.

It is used to secure when the vehicle makes an intended or unexpected stop. To do this, it saves the last brake pressure applied. If you stop with your car at some point and it suddenly starts rolling, this brake pressure is reactivated. As soon as the vehicle starts moving again, the auto-hold function releases the brake pressure and you can drive as normal.

In order for the auto hold function to be ready for use, it must first be activated by pressing the corresponding button. When activated, a lamp lights up in the instrument cluster. This function is particularly useful, for example, in traffic jams and during prolonged stop-and-go operations: you drive off, brake again, and continue driving after a break. It is precisely in these standstill situations that the auto-hold function takes control and there is no risk of the vehicle rolling forwards or backwards if you do not put your foot on the brake.

Activating Auto-Hold

Press the Auto Hold switch on the center console. When the Auto Hold indicator is white, the system is on and in standby mode. When you stop the vehicle completely by using the brake pedal, the Auto Hold indicator will turn green and Auto Hold will maintain the brake pressure to hold the vehicle stationary. Press the accelerator pedal to resume driving.

Auto Hold turns off every time you turn off the car. To turn off the Auto Hold feature without turning off the car, press the brake pedal and then press the Auto Hold switch. The Auto Hold indicator light will turn off.

Possible difficulties with the auto hold function

The auto-hold function is convenient, but only if you get used to it. Especially people who are used to the old handbrake lever sometimes find it a little difficult. This is especially true when starting off, parking, maneuvering or on a hill, where the automatic auto-hold intervention is not always desired. For some drivers it takes getting used to that there can be an interruption in the power flow when starting off. Others complain that they have to give a lot of gas, otherwise the car’s engine will stall.

Author: Nabeel K

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1 year ago

When driving in town , multiple traffic lights & stop start driving . Which should you use , Auto Hold or EPB ? .
Do you have to press the brake every time to engage & again for release , as handbook says brakes will wear down quickly if you just drive off without pressing the brake first .
I find having to press brake down before moving off a bit of a pain , I thought it would automatically go off without causing sny problems .

2 years ago

Hello Denzil, I have Tucson 2020 and I use auto hold function, but I must turn on this function every time I start my vehicle. Do you know How can I turn auto hold function to always on?

2 years ago
Reply to  Tolga ISBIR

You can’t turn on Auto Hold permanently in Tucson. There may be aftermarket chip available that allows you to turn this feature on permanently, but by default you have to turn it on every time you start your vehicle.