How to use smart or keyless entry in Kia Sportage

I this article we’ll explore the seamless convenience of the Smart Entry System in your Kia Sportage. This feature simplifies the way you interact with your vehicle, offering hassle-free unlocking, locking, and starting.

Whether you’re a new Sportage owner or simply looking to enhance your understanding of the smart entry system, this comprehensive guide is here to assist you. Let’s dive into the world of keyless entry and make the most of this innovative technology.

Unlocking and Locking Your Kia Sportage:

As you approach your Sportage with the Smart Entry key fob in your pocket or bag, the vehicle’s Smart Entry system effortlessly detects your key.

To unlock the doors, press the button on the door handle while the key fob is in close proximity.

The vehicle will respond by unlocking the doors, providing you with easy access to your car. Press the button again to lock the doors securely.

Additionally, if you find yourself within approximately one meter or three feet from the outside liftgate handle, with the smart key in your possession, the liftgate will unlock and open when you press the liftgate handle switch.

The hazard warning lights will blink twice, signaling that the liftgate is now unlocked and ready for use.

Starting Your Kia Sportage:

Once you’re inside the vehicle with the Smart Entry key fob, ensure that it is in the car’s proximity, whether in your pocket or bag.

With your foot on the brake pedal, locate the engine start-stop button near the steering column.

Press the button, and like magic, the engine will start without the need for inserting a key or turning an ignition.

It’s a swift and effortless way to get your car up and running.

Turning Off the Engine:

Turning off the engine is just as straightforward as starting it. While the car is in ‘Park,’ press the engine start-stop button once.

This simple action will promptly turn off the engine, concluding your journey.


The Smart Entry System in your Kia Sportage is designed to make your driving experience more convenient and enjoyable. Mastering the art of keyless entry ensures that you can effortlessly unlock, lock, start, and stop your vehicle with ease. Embrace the future of automotive technology and make the most of the innovative features that your Kia Sportage has to offer.

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Author: Nabeel K

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