How to use Smart Key on Toyota Highlander

To unlock the vehicle, make sure you have the SmartKey fob with you. Place your hand behind either of the front door handles, making sure to touch the sensor surface on the back side of the handle. The lights will flash and a bleep sound as the doors unlock automatically.

Toyota Highlander Second Generation (XU40; 2007-2013) – (photo by Toyota)

At the rear door, pressing the rectangular open button under the license plate trim bar will also unlock the vehicle as long as you have the fob on your person.

To lock the vehicle, close all the doors. Then press the small black button on one of the front door handles or a separate button on the rear door accomplishes the same thing. Wait at least three seconds before you attempt to unlock the doors again.

The system is designed to prevent locking if it senses the SmartKey is still inside the vehicle. A warning tone will sound when attempting to lock the doors. See your owner’s manual for details.

The buttons on the SmartKey fob can also be used like a conventional remote control to lock and unlock the doors.

To start the engine, make sure you have the SmartKey with you. Then, depress the Brake Pedal, put the transmission in Park or Neutral, then press the engine Start, Stop button. To stop the engine, follow the same steps.

To use the audio or navigation systems without starting the engine depress the Start, Stop button once without stepping on the brake. Depressing the button a second time activates other accessories like the Power Windows, 12 volt power outlets and Climate Control fan. Pushing the button a third time turns everything off – the instrument lights and ready indicator will turn off.

Author: Nabeel K

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