How to reset Ford Microsoft Bluetooth sync for fresh pairing

This tutorial is for Ford’s Bluetooth connectivity system called Microsoft Sync. If you want to pair a new phone or if you are facing difficulties with connectivity, its best to do a master reset.

We’re going to start from the basics and work our way up. This system has evolved quite a bit from its inception in 2007. It started out with just being a Bluetooth capable, but then as far as connecting with your Bluetooth enabled phone for hands-free speaking and controlling your mp3 players and audio devices.

This tutorial is specific to 2012 Ford Focus and assumes that you are starting from the basics, that you’ve got a Bluetooth enabled phone, and that you’re in a Ford automobile with the Microsoft Sync system. And that you have attempted to pair and connect your phone with the Microsoft Sync in the Ford vehicle, and you’ve been unsuccessful at doing that. So, lets see how to clear everything out and start from scratch, and do it the right way.

  1. First step of course is to insert the key in the car and turn it on, we want to make sure our parking brake is set and that our vehicle is in park.
  2. We have to go to the sync system to make this work, press the AUX button to pull up the sync menu.
  3. Press the menu button which will bring up SYNC-media, hit OK. That’s going to pull up the Media Menu.
  4. Using scroll buttons, scroll down to System Settings and hit OK.
  5. Scroll down to Advanced and hit OK.
  6. Scroll down to Master Reset and press OK.
  7. It will prompt to confirm master reset. Press OK again to confirm.
  8. It will take a few seconds and will reset the Microsoft Sync system on the Ford vehicle.
  9. It is recommended to reset your phone’s Bluetooth as well for a clean pair.
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