How to enable SYNC 3 automatic updates on Ford F-150

Its easy to keep your SYNC 3 system up to date using a Wi-Fi network. This tutorial shows you how to enable auto updates.

First, we suggest doing a few things before updating can begin. Unless you have enabled automatic updates at initial start up, the system will ask if you want to turn on automatic updates.

  1. To enable updates, under Settings, go to General, Automatic System Updates, and slide the Off button to On.
  2. SYNC 3 will ask if you want to receive automatic updates. Press Yes to confirm. A confirmation message will appear letting you know automatic update is on. Press Close to continue. Also, to switch the automatic update setting to Off, follow the same steps you did to turn it on and select Off.
  3. Next, turn on Wi-Fi by going to Settings, and swipe until you see the Wi-Fi icon, and slide the Wi-Fi button from Off to On.
  4. Finally, to connect to a Wi-Fi network, touch View Available Networks and choose the network you want. You may have to type in a password if it’s a protected network.
  5. Once you activate a Wi-Fi network, you can also opt to turn on Wi-Fi Available Notifications, meaning anytime a Wi-Fi network is available while your vehicle is parked, you’ll be notified. When you see the Wi-Fi Available Notifications bar, slide the button to turn it on.
  6. Now, your SYNC 3 system is set up to periodically check for software updates. If a new version becomes available, it is automatically downloaded once a Wi-Fi signal is detected. You don’t have to do anything, it’s that simple.

Keep in mind, any time the system is updated, you’ll get a System Updated message, and see an icon in the upper right corner. Pressing it will give you more details on the update. One more thing. If a download is not completed for any reason, the download continues where it left off at the next Wi-Fi connection opportunity.

Author: Nabeel K


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