How to update SYNC 4A system on Ford Mustang Mach-E

The SYNC 4A operating system on Ford Mustang Mach-E handles software and feature updates seamlessly.

Ford Mustang Mach-E – (photo by Ford)

Through the Ford connected cloud service, over-the-air updates are delivered directly to your vehicle via the onboard modem or WiFi. These automatic updates are turned on by default on all new Mach-E vehicles. This is the fastest, easiest way to complete installations.

Some updates will happen in the background while driving. Non-drivable updates require Mustang Mach-E to be turned off for a short period of time. If the vehicle is being driven when a non-drivable update is scheduled, the system will not update and the installation will be postponed. You’ll see an “update unsuccessful” icon on the sync touch screen status bar, and you can tap that icon for details.

For both drivable and non-drivable installations, when you restart your vehicle after a successful update, you’ll see a “software install successful” icon, which you can tap for more information.

Schedule updates

To be sure your Mustang Mach-E is always up to date, you can set a recurring schedule so the updates will occur when you don’t need to be driving.

  1. Go to Settings on the touchscreen.
  2. Select System Updates tile.
  3. Next, touch Schedule Updates.
  4. Then choose your preferred days and times and press Continue.

System updates can also be taken care of at your Ford dealership, but keeping the default automatic updates switched to on is the easiest, fastest way to help ensure a seamless driving experience.

Author: Nabeel K


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