How to update SYNC 4 system on Ford F-150

The 14th generation of Ford F-150 handle software and feature updates seamlessly. Through FordPass Connect, over-the-air updates are delivered directly to the vehicle via the onboard modem or WiFi, offering quick and easy wireless upgrades that enhance quality, capability and convenience.

Ford F-150 Fourteenth Generation – (photo by Ford)

Automatic updates are defaulted to ON when your vehicle is delivered and this is the fastest, easiest way to receive installations.

Automatic Updates

To check if automatic updates are enabled in your F-150, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on the SYNC 4 touchscreen.
  2. Touch the System Updates tile.
  3. Look at the Automatic Updates slider. If the slider is off, slide it to ON position.
System Updates settings on 2021 Ford F-150

Schedule Automatic Updates

Scheduled updates require your vehicle to be parked and the ignition turned off. The in-vehicle display will notify you the first time you start the vehicle within 24 hours of a scheduled update. At 12 hours before the installation, other channels such as the FordPass app or email will alert you.

Prepare for a scheduled update by connecting your vehicle to Wi-Fi and setting a recurring update schedule to occur when you won’t be driving, such as when you’re sleeping.

  1. To set the schedule, press Settings on touchscreen.
  2. Press the System Updates tile.
  3. Press Schedule Updates.
  4. Use the controls to set the time and day of the update.
  5. Save the schedule.

You’ll only need to set the schedule once. FordPass will perform scheduled updates at that time.

Successful update

When you restart your vehicle after a successful update, you’ll see a software install successful icon which you can tap for more information.

If update fails

If the update wasn’t successful, you’ll see an update unsuccessful icon on the SYNC 4 touch screen status bar and you can tap that icon for details. FordPass Connect will reschedule the update and try again.


Updates can also be taken care of at your Ford dealership but keeping the default automatic updates switched on and setting a recurring updates schedule is the easiest, fastest way to help ensure a seamless driving experience.

Author: Nabeel K


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