How to play music via Bluetooth on Toyota FJ Cruiser

In this guide we will pair the Bluetooth enabled music player on our phone to the Toyota FJ Cruiser’s multimedia system.

Toyota FJ Cruiser – (photo by Toyota)

Note: Before you begin this tutorial, make sure your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and is discoverable.

  1. First turn on the audio system, and push the AUX button one to three times until you see the BT Audio Player screen.
  2. Push the SETUP button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. System voice will say: “Bluetooth audio setup. Push the talk switch, and say: Pair audio player, select audio player, change name, list audio players, set passkey or delete audio player. No audio player selected.”
  4. Push the talk switch on the steering wheel. Wait for the beep. Then say, “Pair audio player”.
  5. System voice will say: “Pair. To set up a new audio player, the system will disconnect the phone. You may need to reconnect the phone after audio player setup is complete. Push the talk switch and say a name for the audio player.”
  6. You must always wait for the beep before speaking the next command. Push the talk switch again, and say a name for the audio player after the beep. For example Mike’s audio player.
  7. System voice will say: “Mike’s audio player. Push the talk switch and say, confirm. Otherwise say, go back”.
  8. When the system asks you to confirm the name, push the switch again and say, confirm.
  9. The system voice will say: “Ready for the audio player pairing. Please use the audio player to connect it to the Bluetooth audio system. The passkey for the audio player is 0000.”
  10. The system will provide a passkey, and then repeat the word searching until you input the passkey on the correct page in your phone, and the audio system finds your audio player.
  11. The system will tell you when the audio player is paired. System voice: “The audio player is paired.”
  12. If you’re finished pairing devices, cancel out of the setup process by pushing the talk switch, and saying, cancel.
  13. While paired you can control volume, seek tracks, pause, and play through the vehicle audio system, but all other controls remain with your Bluetooth audio player.
  14. If your audio player has no way to input a passkey, you must first reset the vehicle passkey to match your player.
Author: Nabeel K

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