How to play music via Android Auto on Hyundai Tucson

For Hyundai vehicles equipped with Android Auto, playing music from your device is easy.

Hyundai Tucson infotainment system – (photo by Hyundai)

Simply connect your Android phone to your Hyundai using the Android USB cable that came with your phone.

For first time connection, refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to connect your phone using Android Auto.

In the Android Auto home screen, select the headphone icon to select the application allowed to stream music. Please note that only certain music applications are integrated with Android Auto.

You may also use your Hyundai’s voice recognition button to safely communicate instructions, such as “play artist Dominik Schwarzer.” – [Google Assistant] Sure. Asking to play Dominik Schwarzer. – [Narrator] Or play song Believe in Me. – [Google Assistant] Alright. Asking to play Believe in Me. – [Narrator] Now you can enjoy your favorite music on your Android phone in your Hyundai.

Author: Nabeel K

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