How to play music via Bluetooth on Toyota RAV4

If you’d like to stream audio to the display audio system on Toyota RAV4 via Bluetooth, you’ll need a compatible Bluetooth music player or phone.

Toyota RAV4 Fourth Generation (XA40; 2012-2018) – (photo by Toyota)

You’ll need to pair it with the system. Turn on your portable player and make sure it’s in Bluetooth discovery mode.

  1. From the audio sources screen, select the BT icon.
  2. The system will tell you that an audio player is not connected. That’s okay. Touch the Connect button at the bottom of the display and touch Yes on the popup window.
  3. The Connect Bluetooth screen will appear, displaying a passcode. Enter the code into your player if needed. Some players won’t require a code. A displayed message will confirm when the Bluetooth connection is complete: “Bluetooth Connection Successful”.
  4. If there’s more than one player registered and you want to listen to the other player, touch the Connect tab. A list of the players you have registered will appear. Touch the player you intend to connect. Choose Yes and the device will begin to play.
  5. Or to register another device, touch Connect, then Add New and repeat the pairing process.
Author: Nabeel K

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