How to play music via Bluetooth on Toyota Sienna

To use a Bluetooth audio device such as a Bluetooth adapter for an iPad, you must first pair the device with the audio system.

Toyota Sienna Third Generation (XL30; 2010-2019) – (photo by Toyota)

Make sure Bluetooth on your device is turned on and it is in the pairing or discoverable mode.

  1. Begin by pressing the SETUP button in the lower corner of the infotainment multimedia system.
  2. Now select the Audio button.
  3. Then press Bluetooth Audio Settings.
  4. To pair your device, press the Register button.
  5. If prompted, enter the passcode 0000 on your Bluetooth device.
  6. The Toyota Audio System should recognize your device.
  7. Once connected, you’ll see a confirmation message: “Bluetooth connection successful”.
  8. To use your Bluetooth device, press the AUDIO Button on the left side of multimedia system, then select the BT (Bluetooth) tab on the screen.
  9. You can press Play or Pause to control your device remotely.

The next time you use this Bluetooth Audio Device, go directly to the BT tab on the Audio Screen. Make sure your device is set to discoverable, then press the Connect button. After a few seconds, you’ll see a confirmation message that the system has reconnected.

Author: Nabeel K

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