Does Ford Expedition have wireless charging?

Yes, Ford Expedition can be equipped with a wireless charging pad that gives you the power to charge your smartphone without the need for a cord.

Ford Expedition wireless charging pad location – (photo by Ford)

It’s located inside the center console of your vehicle and allows you to charge a wide range of compatible devices, such as smartphones of various sizes with built-in wireless charging capability. It can also help maintain a full charge while streaming audio, or making calls through your available SYNC 3 system.

Simply set the phone charging side down on top of the pad and it automatically senses and begins charging the device. You’ll get a message in your information screen indicating that charging has begun.

Keep in mind, the rate of charging is determined by the device. Also, while iPhone 8 and later models are compatible with the charging pad, earlier versions require the use of a manufacturer-approved charging sleeve. One more thing you’ll appreciate, you can charge your device even if the vehicle is not turned on, just as long as it’s in accessory mode.

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