How to use wireless charging pad on Ford Explorer

The center console of Ford Explorer may feature an available charging pad. It allows you to charge a wide variety of compatible devices such as smartphones of various sizes with built-in wireless charging capability.

Ford Explorer, 6th gen – (photo by Ford)

It can help maintain a full charge while streaming music or making calls through the available SYNC 3 system.

You can charge the device even if the vehicle is turned off, just make sure that accessory mode is turned on. Before placing the phone on the charging pad, be sure to remove any coins or metal devices.

  1. To charge your device, place it face-up on the charging pad.
  2. The pad automatically senses and begins charging the device.
Charging pad location on Ford Explorer, sixth generation – (photo by Ford)

Some phone cases may cause interference and may need to be removed before charging.

Keep in mind that not all phones are compatible with wireless charging and the rate of charging will depend on the device.

Which Ford Explorer trims have wireless charging pad?

Wireless charging pad is standard on Limited, ST and Platinum variants. The base variant and XLT cannot be equipped with wireless charging.

Author: Nabeel K

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