Does the Honda Odyssey have wireless phone charging?

Yes, the owners of the Odyssey Elite variant who have Qi or PMA compatible smartphones, can recharge them just by placing the phone on the charging pad.

Wireless Charging pad location on Honda Odyssey – Fifth Generation – (photo by Honda)

It’s really convenient to use the wireless charger. The power mode must be in accessory or ON. Also, make sure there are no objects on the charging path.

  1. Place the compatible smartphone in the center of the charging area.
  2. The system will automatically begin charging and the green indicator light will turn on.
  3. When charging is completed, the indicator lights will turn off.
  4. Remember: Always make sure that coins, credit cards, magnetic recording devices and other objects are clear of the charging pad, and the surface is dust free.
  5. While a smartphone is charging, Android Auto will be unavailable on that phone.
Author: Nabeel K

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