Ram pickup truck sales jump 15 percent in 2019 in Canada

After witnessing a sudden drop in sales in 2018, Ram has redeemed itself in the Canadian market by selling 89,593 vehicles in 2019, a 15 percent increase year over year.

Even though Ram sales rebounded swiftly, it still failed to register a record high as compared to US where it recorded highest sales ever by a big margin. The best year for Ram remains 2017 in Canada when 91,475 Ram trucks were sold.

Ram vs Ford F-Series

Contrary to US market, the sales gap has widened in Canada between Ram and Ford F-Series since its closest encounter in 2015 with 91,195 vehicles sold for Ram vs 118,837 vehicles for Ford F-Series to 89,593 and 145,210 respectively in 2019.

Ram vs Chevrolet Silverado

The sales gap between these two brands widened in 2019, Chevrolet only managed to sell 45,837 trucks, down 17 percent from previous year and 22 percent from its plateau in 2017.

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