Chevrolet sold 575,569 Silverado trucks in 2019, down 2 percent in US and 17 percent in Canada

Probably one of the most important news in the automotive industry is Ram beating Silverado in 2019 sales volume which made both GM and Ford concerned.

Chevrolet Silverado has remained among America’s most popular trucks for decades, as you can see in the chart. The Silverado 1500 is the best seller under GM’s lineup starting at just $28,300 with maximum towing and payload capacity of 13,400 lbs and 2,250 lbs respectively. Its offered in four types of body types regular cab, double cab, crew cab short bed and crew cab standard bed, available with choice of 2WD or 4WD and six engines including one diesel engine.

The growth rate is not only struggling in United States, but in Canada as well, where it saw a pretty significant drop of 17 percent with 45,837 sales in 2019 as compared to 55,097 in 2018.

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