Ram truck sales skyrocket in 2019 leaping 18 percent in US

Ram is selling its pick-up trucks like hot cakes in America with a staggering 18 percent increase in sales to 633,694 units, which effectively puts it at second place for best selling vehicle overall after knocking off Chevrolet Silverado to third place.

Ram has not seen a single year of decline in 10 years and its sales have more than tripled from its low of 199,652 vehicles in 2010. Ram has revamped its trucks with modern interior design and a massive 12 inch screen in the middle of the dashboard. This has helped Ram outshine its competition and boost its market share to new heights.

Ram vs Ford F-Series

If the galloping trend for Ram continues in similar fashion, it could seriously dethrone the mighty Ford F-Series off from its first place in coming years. The picture becomes more clear when we look at historical sales comparison for both vehicles.

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