How to view fuel consumption information in Kia Sportage

Keeping track of fuel consumption is essential for maintaining optimal fuel efficiency and managing your driving habits.

Fortunately, the Kia Sportage provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily access and view essential fuel consumption information. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to access and interpret this information.

Accessing the Instrument Cluster:

Before delving into the intricacies of fuel consumption information, ensure your Kia Sportage’s engine is running or the ignition is turned on.

The steering wheel-mounted controls provide a convenient way to interact with the instrument cluster.

Locate the lever on the right side of the steering wheel, as this is the key to cycling through the various display modes.

Navigating the Display Modes:

Move the lever up or down to cycle through the different display modes on your instrument cluster.

Continue pressing until you reach the fuel consumption information screen.

Understanding the Fuel Economy Screen:

The first screen you’ll encounter is the Fuel Economy screen.

Here, you’ll find the average fuel economy, calculated based on the total driving distance and fuel consumption since the last reset.

To start anew, press and hold the OK button on the steering wheel to reset the average fuel consumption data.

Accumulated Info Screen:

Proceed to the Accumulated Info screen to view information such as the distance traveled, average fuel economy, and driving time.

This data accumulates until manually reset. To reset, press the “OK” button for more than 1 second after the Cumulative Information is displayed.

Drive Info Screen:

The Drive Info screen provides details on distance traveled, average fuel economy, and driving or engine running time.

Notably, this information resets once per ignition cycle but retains its data for 4 hours after the ignition has been turned off.

To reset, press the “OK” button for more than 1 second after the Driving Information is displayed.


Keeping track of your Kia Sportage’s fuel consumption is a valuable practice for both financial and environmental reasons. By utilizing the steering wheel-mounted controls and navigating through the instrument cluster, you can easily access and interpret information related to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Stay informed, drive efficiently, and contribute to a greener and more economical driving experience with your Kia Sportage.

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Author: Nabeel K