How to view fuel consumption on Toyota Prius

The fuel consumption screen automatically displays the fuel consumption level as calculated by the onboard computer in five minute increments up to 30 minutes.

Toyota Prius third generation (XW30; 2009–2015) – (photo by Toyota)

Fuel consumption is based on the driven distance, amount of fuel consumed, and time. Average fuel consumption and average speed are digitally displayed at the bottom of the screen next to the trip odometer.

The consumption and speed display are the average for that trip duration. The six bars in the middle of the screen are designed to give you a sense of the overall fuel economy while you’re driving. Each column represents the average fuel economy over a five minute period of time. The bars are updated in a ripple fashion from right to left across the timeline, with the rightmost column representing the most recent five minute period.

You may also notice either single or multiple small icons in the middle of a bar. Each icon represents 50 watt-hours of electricity that has been regenerated over that same five minute period of time. This way you can see the total picture of the fuel being used, and how much electricity is being regenerated.

You’ll notice that if you’re viewing one of these screens when you turn off your Toyota Prius, it will automatically return to that screen once you turn on the ignition again.

Author: Nabeel K