How to use auto climate on 2011 Toyota Prius

Every Prius has an automatic climate control system. All the climate controls are on the center console.

Toyota Prius 2011

And some of the steering wheel mounted controls allow you to raise and lower the temperature setting as well as turn on and off the recirculation mode.

  1. To use the auto mode, press the auto switch so the green light is illuminated.
  2. Then you can set your preferred temperature by using the temperature up and down buttons on the center console or on the steering wheel.
  3. The system will then maintain that temperature. You can operate the system in manual mode.
  4. Select the desired temperature and select the appropriate fan speed using the controls on the right hand side.
  5. This system features front and rear window defrosters. When switched on, the amber light is illuminated.
  6. There’s also an automatic micro dust and pollen filter.
  7. And recirculation mode can be activated by the steering wheel switch or the button on the instrument panel. It switches recirculation mode on and off. This allows faster cabin heating by recirculating the inside air.
  8. To help keep windows from fogging on the inside, turn off recirculation mode after the cabin has reached a more comfortable temperature.
  9. And the Prius is available with Plasmacluster technology. This system automatically generates a balanced positive and negative ion shower to help clean the air, which helps inactivate various airborne viruses.
Author: Nabeel K

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