How to control climate on Toyota Prius Prime remotely on phone app

Toyota’s Prius Prime apps include a remote climate control app that gives you the convenience of warming or cooling the vehicle’s cabin prior to your departure.

Toyota Prius Prime – (photo by Toyota)

Note: Make sure you download and install the Prius Prime app before beginning this tutorial.

  1. When you select the remote climate app for the first time, you’ll need to enter your four digit passcode to use it.
  2. Once input, it takes you to the main screen where the climate control’s last in-car setting and the front and rear defrost settings are displayed.
  3. You can adjust the cabin’s temperature by dragging the temperature button to the left for max AC, or to the right for max heat.
  4. You can also activate the front and rear defrost functions by touching the respective buttons, or touch them again to deactivate.
  5. Select Turn On Climate.
  6. Read the caution message and select continue.
  7. This will activate the system and begin preparing the cabin to use these settings.
  8. When the climate control system is activated, your phone screen will display the current estimated cabin temperature, the remaining run time of the remote climate control system, and the front and rear defrost settings.
  9. The vehicle must have an adequate EV charge to activate the remote climate feature. Selecting “Turn Off Climate” and then “Yes” will deactivate the system.
Author: Nabeel K

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Marshall Thompson
Marshall Thompson
4 months ago

They took this feature away!! This shouldn’t have even been posted in 2020, because they took it away earlier that year!!