How to engage 4-Wheel Drive on Toyota RAV4 (2005-2011)

You may need the four wheel drive lock button in situations where you want to make certain all four wheels continue turning even if they’re slipping, as you might when stuck in mud.

Toyota RAV4, third generation (XA30; 2005-2011) – (photo by Toyota)
  1. To engage four wheel drive lock, make sure the ignition is on.
  2. Then without touching the brake pedal, push the 4×4 LOCK button next to the steering wheel on the right side.
  3. The four wheel lock indicator will appear on the screen and the system will send as much continuous torque to both the front and rear wheels as the system and conditions allow.
  4. Four wheel drive lock will cancel itself if the brakes are applied or if the vehicle speed exceeds 25 miles per hour.
  5. To turn the four wheel drive lock feature off, press the 4×4 LOCK button again.
Author: Nabeel K

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