How to select Power or Eco mode on Toyota Prius

The Drive Mode button on the center console allows you to select one of three driving modes.

Toyota Prius fourth generation, XW50, from 2015 – (photo by Toyota)

You can choose between Normal, Eco and Power modes. Each mode modifies the driving response of the vehicle.

  1. First, make sure the vehicle is powered on.
  2. Pressing the DRIVE MODE button on the dashboard changes the mode and displays it in the instrument panel.
  3. Selecting Power mode (PWR MODE) will illuminate its indicator. Power mode enhances accelerator response and is beneficial when merging on freeways.
  4. Selecting Eco mode will illuminate its indicator. Eco mode is best suited when you want to improve fuel economy. Based on the accelerator, the system will generate torque more smoothly than in Normal mode.
  5. When the air conditioner is being used, the system will automatically switch the air conditioner to Eco mode for better fuel economy.
  6. Selecting Normal mode is best for normal driving in regular traffic and does not have an indicator in instrument cluster.
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