How to use Multi-Terrain Select on Toyota Land Cruiser

Multi-Terrain Select lets the driver tailor the amount of wheel-spin allowed by the traction control system for better off-road performance across different types of low-traction conditions.

Toyota Land Cruiser J200 – (photo by Toyota)

There are five different terrain modes to choose from on Toyota Land Cruiser.

  1. To use the system, you should be in four-wheel-drive, low-range (L4).
  2. All five modes will be displayed on the multi-information display, while the mode you’re currently in will be highlighted.
  3. The first mode shows Rock. The second mode displays Rock & Dirt. The third mode shows Mogul. The fourth mode displays Loose Rock. The fifth mode displays Mud & Sand.
  4. Choose your desired mode using the steering wheel buttons.
Author: Nabeel K

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