How to make phone calls via Bluetooth on Honda HR-V

Bluetooth HandFreeLink lets drivers easily make and receive phone calls without taking their hands from the wheel or their eyes from the road.

Honda HR-V – second generation – (photo by Honda)

After you’ve paired your phone, the phone book has been automatically imported. When the vehicle is not moving you can make a call from the phone book.

Dial by Name

  1. Press the phone button, rotate the selector knob to Phonebook and press in.
  2. Rotate the selector knob to highlight the initial of the name you want to call and press SELECT button.
  3. Select the desired name and press the button.
  4. Select the desired number for that name and press the knob.
  5. Dialing will start automatically.

Dial by Number

You can also dial a number when the vehicle is not moving.

  1. Press the phone button, turn the selector knob to Dial and press in.
  2. Then rotate the dial to select each digit of the number and press in.
  3. When the entire number has been entered, select the pickup icon and press in SELECT button. Dialing will start automatically.

Make calls while driving

If you want to make calls while the vehicle is moving you can add up to 20 Phonebook entries per phone to the speed dial list. Plus you can assign a voice tag to each speed dial entry to simplify calling even more.

  1. Press the phone button and rotate the selector knob to select Speed Dial and press it.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. Then choose Phonebook.
  4. Select a number from the phone book and follow the prompts to store it.
  5. Once stored, a prompt will appear asking if you’d like to store a voice tag for the entry. Select Yes, now follow the prompts and use the talk button on the steering wheel to store the voice tag for that entry. Note that the longer the voice tag the easier it is for the system to recognize it – so instead of just saying Joe, for example, say joe Wilson.
  6. Now while the vehicle is moving, you can call Joe by just pushing the talk button on the steering wheel, and saying call Joe Wilson.

Incoming Calls

When a call comes in on your paired phone, the incoming call screen will appear on the display. If the caller’s phone is in your phonebook, you’ll see the caller’s name. To accept the call, press the pickup button on the steering wheel. If you want to decline the call or hang up after accepting it press the hang-up button.

Author: Nabeel K


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