How to enable or disable Auto Locks on Mazda CX-5, CX-30, CX-3, CX-9, Mazda3 or Mazda6

You can easily personalize an important safety feature on your Mazda, the door locks.

Door Locks settings menu on Mazda vehicles – (photo by Mazda USA)

Personalizing the door lock settings gives you the ability to control when the car is locked or in unlocked mode.

To adjust door lock settings, go to Settings using the infotainment display, then select Vehicle, and then Door Locks.

Lock Mode

Select Auto Door Lock Mode under Door Locks menu, and you’ll see five options:

  • Lock: Out of Park, Unlock: In Park
  • Lock: Shifting Out of Park
  • Lock: When Driving, Unlock: In Park
  • Lock: When Driving, Unlock: IGN off
  • Lock: When Driving

Select the option that fits your driving style and hit OK.

Unlock Mode

Select Unlock Mode under Door Locks menu, and you’ll see two options:

  • All Doors: Once
  • Driver’s: Once, All Doors: Twice

With unlock mode, you can select to unlock all doors with one touch or unlock the driver’s door with one touch and all other doors with two touches.

Auto Relock Time

You can also set your auto relock time. Go to Auto Relock Time under Door Locks menu and choose between 90 seconds, 60 seconds or 30 seconds.

Adjust Horn Volume

You can also control the beep volume that controls the volume of the horn when you lock the car with your Mazda key fob. Select Keyless Lock Beep Volume under Door Locks menu, and then select between High, Medium, Low or Off.

Walk Away Lock

Depending on your Mazda model, there’s a Walk Away Lock option under Door Locks menu, that automatically locks the car when you walk away from the vehicle, check the box next to Walk Away Lock to enable the feature, uncheck the box to disable it.

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1 month ago

Our 2017 mazda 3/axela is not showing any auto door lock options in the vehicle menu, is that a firmware based feature?? our firmware version is 59.00.448 JP M

1 month ago
Reply to  parvez

The method shown in this article is for Mazda U.S. version. The feature may not be available in other countries.