How to connect Bluetooth on Toyota Yaris

Making hands-free calls and streaming audio with your compatible cell phone on Toyota Yaris is easy. But first, you need to pair your Bluetooth phone with the car.

Note: this method is specifically for third generation of Yaris XP130, XP150 built between 2011 and 2019.

  1. Press the multi-knob to display the audio menu, turn the knob to select Bluetooth and press the knob.
  2. Set your cell phone to start searching for a new Bluetooth connection. Every phone works a little differently, make sure you know how to operate your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  3. Then, turn the multi-knob to select Bluetooth Pairing and press the knob.
  4. The connection is complete when your phone name is listed on the screen, you can register up to five devices.
Author: Nabeel K


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Julie Pettinger
Julie Pettinger
11 months ago

Outgoing calls from our new Toyota Yaris are impossible to hear, far far too faint. Incoming fine. The mechanic could find nothing wrong.