TOYOTA announces GR Yaris with three variants RZ, RS & RC

TOYOTA has announced the complete lineup of the new model GR Yaris to be sold in Japan. GR Yaris, which has already started accepting Web reservations, is currently pre-ordering about 6,000 units in Japan and Europe.

GR Yaris is able to operate on any road in the world, based on the evaluation of “creating a car with competitiveness by WRC” learned from TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT (World Rally Team) and evaluation by an outside professional driver from the early stage of development. It was born as a car that you can drive with confidence and control.

Specifically, in addition to an aluminum engine hood, back door, and door panel for the upper body, a CFRP material roof panel molded by the SMC construction method, which offers a high degree of freedom in shape, is used. It is a solid 3-door type cabin that exhibits excellent aerodynamic performance while reducing weight.

According to a statement by Toyota: “Furthermore, through optimization of the front and rear suspension settings, through WRC, we learned about the various roads in the world in which customers usually run, and poured the knowledge and know-how that we have accumulated in “making better cars” to train people and cars. It will be the original model.”

Regarding production, a new line “GR FACTORY” has been newly set up at the Motomachi Factory, where many sports models have been built, and employees with “takumi” skills are preparing to assemble it.

Toyota has lineup of three models to meet customer needs.


  • Newly developed compact lightweight high power 1.6L in-line 3-cylinder direct injection turbo engine
  • Newly developed sports 4WD system “GR-FOUR” that adopts front and rear drive force variable system with multi-plate clutch
  • “IMT” adopted for 6-speed manual transmission
  • BBS forged aluminum wheels (Set to High performance)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S radial tires (Set to High performance)
  • Front and rear Torsen LSD (Set to High performance)


  • 1.5L inline 3-cylinder dynamic force engine
  • Direct Shift-CVT that adds a starter gear and realizes powerful and direct running from low speed to high speed range
  • 10-speed sequential shiftmatic paddle shift that allows you to enjoy manual operation


  • 1.6L inline 3-cylinder direct injection turbo engine similar to “RZ”, sports 4WD system “GR-FOUR”, and “iMT” adopted for 6-speed manual transmission
  • A lightweight model that eliminates anything other than the things necessary for running.
Author: Nabeel K

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