How to slide and fold rear seats on Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris features rear folding and sliding seats which you will learn how to operate in this guide.

Note: This tutorial is for US version of Yaris, this feature may not be available in other car markets.

Reclining and Sliding

  1. To adjust the seat position on the available 60/40 split fold-flat rear seats, lift the larger inboard lever on the top of the seat back and slide the seat to the preferred position.
  2. Release the lever and slide the seat until it locks in position.
  3. To recline the seat back, lift the smaller outboard lever on the seat back top and adjust the angle.
  4. Release the lever to lock it in place.

Folding Seats

  1. To fold the seats flat for cargo, first, stow the seatbelt to the outboard belt clips and make sure the headrests are all the way down.
  2. Next, slide the seats all the way forward.
  3. Then, pull the seat back adjustment lever to fold the seat backs flat.
Author: Nabeel K

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Wilbert Roduk
Wilbert Roduk
2 years ago

I have a 2011 toyota yaris and it does not have a lever, a latch, a knob or whatsoever to pull, tug, twist, yank, to fold the back seat. there are youtube videos of different models that have all these i just mentioned. the one i have does not. please help