How to connect Bluetooth on Toyota 4Runner without navigation

On 4Runner models that do not have the navigation system, the pairing method is a little different, which you are going to learn in this guide.

Toyota 4Runner, 5th gen – (photo by Toyota)

Note: The method mentioned in this article is specifically for the fifth generation of Toyota RAV4 code named N280 and built on and after year 2009.

  1. To pair a cell phone with the vehicle, press the talk button on the steering wheel and listen to the welcome message: “Welcome to the hands-free phone system.”
  2. Or press the talk button twice. Wait for the beep and say, “Pair phone“.
  3. The system will ask you to name the phone. “Pair. Push the talk switch and say a name for the phone.”
  4. Press the talk button, wait for the beep and say, “Tim cell phone” (replace ‘Tim’ with your name).
  5. Then it will ask if that’s the name you want to use. If correct, press the talk button, wait for the beep and say, “Confirm“.
  6. Next, the system will give you the passkey to enter into your cell phone. “The passkey for the phone is xxxx.”
  7. Go to the appropriate screen on your phone and enter the passkey code. The system will then say, “please connect from your phone” and you’ll see the word “pair phone” on the screen.
  8. When pairing is complete, you’ll hear “phone paired successfully”.
  9. Once paired, to make a call, just press the talk button on the steering wheel. The display will say, “listening”.
  10. Press the talk switch, wait for the beep, and say, “Dial by number”. Then follow the instructions.
  11. The system will say “Dial by number. Please push the talk switch and say the number.”
  12. Say the number you want to dial. The system will then say the number followed by “Push the off hook switch to dial, otherwise, push the talk switch and continue adding numbers. Or say ‘dial’, ‘go back’, or ‘delete’.”
Author: Nabeel K

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