How to change navigation settings on Toyota Camry

Here are a couple of quick tips on operating your vehicle’s navigation system.

Toyota Camry XV40 (2006–2013) – (photo by Toyota)

Note: This method is for the older XV40 model of Camry made between years 2006 and 2013.

  1. To turn the beep sound off, push the Info button, then touch Beep Off. To turn the beep sound on again, just touch Beep Off again.
  2. You can also perform a number of functions by touching Setup on the menu screen: to change the keyboard layout, touch either ABC or QWE to select the keyboard layout you prefer.
  3. To adjust the speed that is used to calculate the estimated travel time to a destination, touch Set Speed next to Estimated Travel Time. Touch the arrows to set the average vehicle speed. Once you’ve made your selection, touch OK.
  4. To change the time zone touch Change next to Time Zone, then touch the desired time zone. Once you’ve made your selection, touch OK.
  5. To access the display building feature, touch On next to Display Building Shapes then touch OK.
Author: Nabeel K


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